Joining The Hindustani Ring

To add your site to the Hindustani Ring, below you will find:

  1. The form you MUST fill out to join The Hindustani Ring Ring;
  2. The HTML code you MUST add to your page;
  3. The logos and code should be added to your main, or first page.

Please do not apply for membership in The Hindustani Ring Ring until you are ready to add the logos and the HTML code to your page. I check applicant's sites every day. This becomes quite tedious when people apply for membership, but wait several weeks before they add the logos and HTML code to their site.

I will delete all applications which do not add the logos and update the HTML codes within 1 week of their application. So, please do not apply for membership unless you are ready to add the required material to your page. You should receive your site ID number within a few hours of filling out the application form. If you do not, please contact me by e-mail.

Again, The Hindustani Ring Ring is primarily for non-commercial sites. It is not designed to showcase your products. Before a "commercial" site will be allowed in the ring, it must have CONSIDERABLE amount of general information.

Joining The Hindustani Ring Ring

There are several steps to joining The Hindustani Ring Ring and they are:

Fill out the form below
Copy the two logos to your page's Directory
Copy the Ring Code to your page
Modify the code with your personal info

Here are the details

  • 1. You must fill out the form below.
  • 2. There is one Ring Logo below. You MUST copy the Code for that Logo & paste it onto your web page. You have to add the Ring logo to your main or first page.
  • 3. You will receive an e-mail giving you a Site ID number.
  • 4. You must replace the parts of the Ring Code prompts with your name, your e-mail address, and you Site ID number.
  • 5. You must delete the Ring Code characters where you added your name, e-mail & Site ID number.
  • 6. Download the two Hindustani Ring Graphics to your hard disk and save both images. Upload these images into your web site directory. Do not change the filenames of these two files. Also, you cannot substitute these graphics with any other graphics.

I will visit your site. When I see that your have properly added the code, placed your personal information in the code & deleted the code prompt phrases, I will add you to the Hindustani Ring.

Download these two graphics to your hard disk. These graphics have to be uploaded to your web server. Do not change the filenames.


Now copy the Hindustani Ring Code displayed below and paste into your web page.

After you paste the code onto your web page make the following changes:

[ID] replace with the site id. you received in your email

[YOUR NAME] replace with your name and make a link to your email address

The finished Hindustani Ring Code should look as follows:
This Hindustani Ring site owned by [YOUR NAME].

Want to join the Hindustani Ring

Graphics by Vivek S. Kambli

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Editing your site

Once you are a member of the Ring,
you can edit the Ring's information about your page.

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