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Where the Buffalo Roam


Well, I must say I was a bit disapointed when I saw this movie. The film was based on writings by Hunter Thompson around when he wondered if his attorney was still alive. Where the Buffalo Roam has no real plot exactly, it just shows a couple of events that happened to the good doctor around this era. Bill Murray stars in the movie and did a fantastic job of playing Hunter in my opinion. The body language and image was dead-on; one of the movies high points actually. Peter Boyle co-stars as Thompson's attorney, Oscar "Lazlo" Ocosta.
The movie actually started out promising. It had some really funny moments in the first half-hour that would even make the non-gonzo fans laugh outloud. But as the film continued, it got more unbelievable and less enjoyable. The first part of the story deals with how Hunter's attorney get's sent to jail. A couple years pass so then the two cover the Super Bowl, it was soon after this point when the movie got lame. It then goes on about illegal gun deliveries and covers a small portion on the 72 presidential campaign.
If you don't mind watching Bill Murray overdress like a pimp and are a Thompson fan, then the movie is worth watching. As for the rest of you, head for the hills where the buffalo might roam.

This movie is rated R for a dab of language and an ounce of drug use.

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