International Fellowship of Flying Rotarians

The IFFR is a group of over 1,500 Rotarians in more than 50 countries all around the world. The IFFR world is divided into four regions (North America, Europe, Australia-Asia and Africa) wich consist of fourteen sections. Europe has the Iberian Section, the French Section, the United Kingdom Section, the German Section, the Switzerland Section, the Italian Section, the Benelux Section and the Scandinavian Section. Sections in Austria and Greece are under development.
The fellowship was formally established through the efforts of a dedicated Rotarian, E. Edison Kenell, of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., back in 1965.
The activities of IFFR bring together flying and non-flying Rotarians all over the world. Through the Fellowship, geographical widespread FLYING ROTARIANS can, and do, help to achieve the furtherance of the ideals and objectives of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL by using aviation to bring help and succour to less fortunate citizens of the world. Many IFFR members, who are not pilots, have often been the key to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks through their organizational prowess, their keen sense of objectivity, and their ability to get the job done. International understanding has, and can continue to, benefit through the Fellowship.

The goals of IFFR are:
  • To achieve a better understanding of aviation among non-flying Rotarians and others through appropriate Rotary Club programs, flying events and other activities;
  • To sponsor one aviation program annually in each Rotary Club;
  • To encourage IFFR membership within each Rotary Club, and to promote IFFR membership in neighboring Rotary Clubs, with the ultimate goal of having at least one IFFR member in each Rotary Club in the world.