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T-Gen. Kolar's Chair

    Attention, crew!....As many of you know, My email address has been
 bouncing back and forth for awhile, and direct access to me, via
 email, has been a bit of a problem.  I am still reachable through the
 email address for this site.  Simply add the statement, (Attn.:T-Gen.
 Kolar). in the subject section.  Also, I now have another server, and
 my address for that one is :

     This year, the Dover Peace Conference is being held on the last
weekend in April. This would be the perfect time for BLA to make a
grand appearance. Besides, the guest speaker is to be Robin Curtis.
All members who can attend, please notify me, at my hotmail address,
(listed above), ASAP.
                           -Kolar out-

Job Description

    The reason this ship exists, is to do a little role playing, to
 perform a few acts to aid our favorite charities, and to have fun
 while doing it.  We do parades, conventions, fund-raisers, blood
 drives, and a host of other things.  On occasion we make public
 appearences at schools parks, dances, bookstores, shopping malls, and
 festivals, and even an occasional bar or nightclub.  We do grand
 openings and all sorts of promotions.  We even do comercials.  We
 show up at hospitals and nursing homes, and museum or planetarium
 exhibits, and all new Star Trek movie releases.

        It all boils down to three words: We Help People!.          
 Come join the fun.................................................

Our ship's history. It speaks for it's self.

    During the first year of our existance, our ship, the TWD
 cholghumwI', (IKV Harbinger).  Broke all known records, in KAG, for
 production for charity, of a single ship.  While in competition with
 the Qemar Fleet, of KAG-Canada, our single ship produced  $105,505.00
 worth, in just under 8 months.  Needless to say, this is a proud ship
 with a formidable reputation.

    Due to the many circumstances of "real life", our crew has been
 depleted to just a few "die hards".  We need more crew.  If you think
 you have what it takes to face all the odds, and still try, then
 you're our type of people.

    During our existance, we have continually beaten every challenge
 that was thrown at us. Still today, we are hard put, to find any
 Feddie ship, or Rom or any except our own Klingon brothers and
 sisters, that are willing to face us, even in overwhelming numbers.
 We have done many charity drives, raising money, food and clothing,
 blood, furniture, and whatever necessary, for the needy.  We have
 also marched in numerous parades, on all occassions, and are always
 first to be asked, for event security duty.  Just our uniformed
 appearance is more than enough to ward off all but the most desperate
 wouldbe thieves, muggers and troublemakers.  We are not all big,
 burley, and monsterous, but, we are all intimidating as hell.

    We are intimidating to all, but when we set up our picture booth
 at events, we can never keep enough film handy.  At $2.00 a shot, we
 make hundreds of dollars for charity.  All the ladies and children
 want their pictures taken with us, and the men want pictures taken
 with our lovely ladies, and everybody wants them autographed.  I've
 autographed more pictures than many of the Star Trek stars, and I've
 never made so much as a walkon appearance, in either the movies or
 the TV sets.  We are, however, Gowron's, (Robert O'reily), favorite
 party pals, when he makes an appearance as guest speaker at one of
 the local conventions.  What better acclaim can a Klingon Warrior
 have, than to be seen and photographed with Gowron, or Worf, or Kern,
 or the Duras sisters in casual party mode.  I even received a kiss,
 from Lt. Savak, (Robin Curtis), at one convention, and she's a

    We of the IKV Harbinger, work hard, fight hard, and play hard.
 And, we do get certain benefits that make it worth the trouble.
 That's the best advertisement I can think of.

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