"Medical Consumer Rights"

FAIR advocates medical consumer protection for the people of Illinois. If you have a complaint about an Illinois doctor, hospital or any type of medical consumer complaint we urge you to contact us. We can help you with information such as who to contact about your complaint, how to file a complaint, and how to document it.

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Chicago Area.....(708) 354-8741
Downstate IL.....(217) 352-6533

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FAIR's Useful Links

Department of Professional Regulation
State of Illinois
Links to official state information.
Department of Professional Regulation- Data Base of Registered Doctors
This data base would allow any person with access to the internet to look up any licensed professional in the State of Illinois... (if it was up and running)
Illinois Department of Public Health
Their mission statement is to promote health for all citizens of Illinois through the prevention and control of disease and injury.
Illinois State Medical Society
Links to Illinois County / Regional Medical Societies
American Medical Association
Professional association of physicians and medical students dedicated to the health of America
AMA's public data base that contains information on every licensed physician in the United States
FAIR's Message Board
By speaking out, we can make a difference.
U.S. Federal Government Agencies Directory
A List of Federal Agencies on the Internet
The Door to Open Government in ILLINOIS
Illinois Human Rights Act
Chapter 775.
Search the IHRC Database
Search the Illinois Human Rights Act by key words.