Icester Prototype #1

This is really Icester #2, as I built a previous boat to test the concept. It bore little resemblance to the final plans. But I needed to test the idea of using the vertical side members to support the downward mast loads, when used in a tall fuselage such as this. I also needed to experiment with stay geometry... especially the practicality of using a forward stay mounted on the springboard. It works, because it is not too far forward. A few things changed from the pictured prototype, including the size of the mainsheet hole... it is smaller on the plans. you can see a shot of the earliest protype in Woodenboat issue #104, in the "Launchings" section.

Parked on Lake Mahopac, winter of 1993. The whole lake used to freeze back then, and it was possible to sail right into town for lunch or a beer. We would all sail our boats down to Four Brothers Pizza, or Kelty's bar.

Taking a break by Canopus Island on Lake Mahopac, NY. The lake has fickle winds, making sailing from point "a" to point "b" always an adventure! It has several coves, and two islands. But the ice, like many lakes, is always unpredictable. Check it first, carefully, wherever you sail... and bring your escape tools with you always!

The red/green navigation lights are handy at night. The white screw out hatch gives access to tools and spare parts.

When the wind would die, it was an easy matter to take down the sail and walk the boat back to our beach. That is, if I remembered to wear my ice creepers.

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