Iceboating Links

Iceboating Net: Lots of interesting and useful information on design, use, construction... anything iceboating.
Isabella Iceboats: Official page, with association and event information, and much more.
Iceboat Homepage: Mr. Stymer's own design, plus many good links.

Official DN Homepage: Everything you wanted to know about the sprightly DN.
Saratoga Ice Lake Report: Promoting Saratoga Lake iceboating.

North Shrewsbury Ice Boat & Yacht Club: A very well designed website.
Western Connecticut Ice Yacht: Why do they always have ice, when I don't?
Swedish Ice Sailing Federation: They should know.
Ice Sailing From Prince Edward Island: Has plans & tips on construction, much more.

Blade Runner: A production Skeeter.
Hudson River Ice Yacht Club: Classic stern steerers.
Yahoo Iceboat Group
Grand Traverse Ice Yacht Club:  "Ice boaters of NW lower Michigan"... but much more, too.
The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club: From Madison, Wisconsin.
the Ice Tender: A great set of plans for the building of a simple iceboat, by Bernie.
Icester homepage: back to the Icester Iceboats home page.

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