Deane Williams sent the above picture, and explains:

"Enclosed is a picture of my Quick-Build iceboat which I put together in
about 5 days except for the plate runners which a friend of mine made on his Bridgeport
for me.

It is totally made of (old) dimensional deck lumber and screwed and glued
together usingwood glue and sheet rock screws. It is a simple wedge design using two
boards on edge for strength with a thin plywood floor. The front spring-board is a 2x4 on
edge. The rear plank is 5/4 decking (2 pieces laminated with epoxy under load to form a
curve). The sail is a 19 foot tall, 90 sq. ft, boat sail someone gave me. Total
cost, about $60.

Last year I got it to 40 mph without much effort. This year I have a couple
of new experimental sails and I am building a totally enclosed Skeeter type boat as well with a unique sail.


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