Vela Loca

I'll let Yves Desrosiers describe his   creation... "we gave her the name VELA LOCA, which means "crazy sail".
It's based on abs plastic tubes that we use in plumbing,reinforced
inside with aspenite H beam (strong and spingy).the steering is drive by
cables with the feet inside the cockpit and attached to a bicycle
fork.Now i'm dreaming about building another machine with a closed
cockpit and mirrors, lights,and every cool things like motorcycle chocks
at the rear axle".

The boat is low to ice. I had built a wooden boat like this years ago, and it turned out to be quite fast. Plus, the feeling of speed is amplified. Yves has answered the question about using plastic tubing in the cold. I would still like to draw something up, attempting to use 3" ABS with no internal, and see if it would stand up. There are many various connectors... t's, y's, and so on, allowing virtually any design. And it all gets welded together with the special cement.

  Yves sent a photo of his steering arrangement, and explains it has "...plates that attach the tubes together (because with the y's, most of the time you can't have the right angle you need,and its really breaky),steering cables system, and maybe the wires under extreme pressures installed for maintaining the central tube from going everywhere..." That seems to be support wires, ala strut and wire on DN's. It appears Yves has included turnbuckles on these support wires to adjust their tension.

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