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This HP is dedicated to the psyentific legend Matsumoto Hideto
created by his biggest Fan in Europe... Iguana
Taste my brain!!!!!!
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
Since May 1998...
Last update: 14.03.2003! Bishougarou!
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Image from hide-chan's First Solo Tour "Hide our Psychommunity" 1994

This HP contains some photos of hide-chan that some of you might not 
have seen yet... so please enjoy and wait for more...
click on the links and there will more... hontou ni...
Let me Drain!!!
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Live at Tokyo Dome 30.12.94

The Tokyo Dome two days, traditionally on the 30th and 31st of
December... this time it was
on the 30th the "Blue Night" (aoi yoru)
and on the 31st the "Whight Night" (shiroi yoru)

Live at Osaka-jo Hall 24.12.95

Merry X-mas!!!!!!!!
Kawai deshou...
Charity Live for Kobe during the "Dahlia" Tour...

Hot and Cool...

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