Evelyn Charnahan: Rachel Weisz

An English Librarian who works at the Cairo Museam. She hoped to join the Baimbridge Scholars, but they kept refusing her applications. Evie is a strong woman and will make anithyng to make the trip to Hamunaptra.

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Rick O'connel: Brendan Fraser

A soldier who was imprisioned by the Cairo prision. He found a key at Hamunaptra, that makes Evelyn free him. And take him back to the city of the death. The adventures with Evelyn, make them closer together, until they fell in love.

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Jonathan Charnahan: John Hanna

Jonathan is Evelyn's brother. He usually drincks, and his career is almoust ruin. Getting the key gives him a big hope, to find a treasure.

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Imhotep: Arnold Vosloo

The highest priest of Seti I. He killed him with her love, Anck-su-namun, and is condemn to die. After thousands of years he is back from the death, with one purpose, bring his death girlfriend to life.

Imhotep's Tomb
Arnold Vosloo Appreciation Page

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Beni Gabor: Kevin J O'Connor

He is deshonest, and will do anything for money. He is the one who leads the Americans to Hamunaptra.

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Anck-su-namun: Patricia Velazquez

Beloved of Imhotep, the Pharaoh's mistress. Committed suicide after killing the Pharaoh, claiming that Imhotep could resurrect her.

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Ardeth Bay: Oded Fehr

Leader of "Med-jai" the Paraoh bodyguard, who for thousands of years watched the city of the dead to prevent the people from Imhotep.

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Dr Bey: Erick Avari

He is a covert member of Med-jai and works at the Cairo Musemum. He tries to stop Evelyn and Jonathan from going to Hamunaptra. And helps fight Imhotep.

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Gad Hassan: Omid Djalili

Works at the Cairo prision and frees O'Connel with the condition of getting %25 of the treasure at Hamunaptra.

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Mr. Henderson: Stephen Dunham

One of the American treasure seekers. The second member of the team to be harvested by Imhotep for regeneration.

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Mr. Daniels: Corey Johnson

One of the American treasure hunters. Made a bet with O'Connell that they'll get to Hamanaptra first. Longest surviving member of the team.

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Mr Burns: Tuc Watkins

One of the American treasure hunters. The first person to meet the newly resurrected Imhotep and lose his eyes and tongue in the process. The first member of the group to die.

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Seti I: Aharon Ipalé

King of Egypt, murdered by Anck-su-namun and Imhotep, his loyal priest, when he discovered they were having an affair.

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Dr Chamberlain: Jonathan Hyde

Egyptologist who accompanied the Americans to Hamanaptra. Warned the Americans of the curse of Imhotep but evoked it anyway.

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Winston Havlock: Bernard Fox

Old RAF man still stationed in Cairo. All his old friends have long since died in the war and he longs to join them.Brave and ready for any challenge.

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