IN 1719BC, A FORBIDDEN LOVE BETWEEN THE HIGH PRIEST IMHOTEP, AND THE PHAROH'S MISTRESS, ANKH-SU-NAMUM, IS EXPOSED. When Ankh-Su-Namum takes her own life, Imhotep defies the gods and attempts to revive her as she lies dead, and for this onholy act is cursed to remain undead for all eternity. As Imhotep's scream of pain grow muffled and his sarcophagus is sealed beneath the sands at Hamunaptra, City of the Dead, the curse is set in motion and his evil heart grows more vengeful with every angonising beat...until now.

Three thousand years later, Hamunaptra has become legendary. Treasure hunters and archaeologists alike dream of uncovering its riches. One such dreamer is the beautiful, yet clumsy Librarian, Evelyn, assisted by her ne'er-do-well brother. They bargain for the life of dashing legionnaire Rick O'Connell who is in jail waiting execution and who stumbled upon the lost city with his cowardly weasel of a companion Beni in a battle years earlier. His knowledge and bravery will lead them to Hamunaptra.

Their journey takes the trio from Cairo, down the Nile and across the Sahara. But they are not alone when they arrive. A group of American Scavengers unleash the dormant spirit of The Mummy, Imhotep, who releases ten plagues over Egypt and one by one the explorers succumb to the high priest's awesome pwere. Those remaining make one last desperate attempt to prevent his regeneration into an invincible force of evil and to save Evelyn from becoming the host for his lost love's tormented soul...