I've neither walked the streets of gold nor sands of Galilee,
But there's a common ground where we have trod both God and me.
'Twas in the somber land of Death that Christ and I did meet,
And there He let me share His part in sealing Death's defeat.

The story's old, and oft' been told, of Calvary's bloody day,
Of the nails, the wood, the dice, the spoiled wine and darkened ray.
But now, henceforth we see no man as outward things define.
In our hearts we know that the death Christ died that day was yours and mine.


For we were drawn into union, drawn into union,
Drawn into union with the Lord,
On His cross, in His death, into hell and raised
Through it all in union with the Lord.

Yes with Him I was crucified, and with Him I did die,
There with the Son of God interred in hell three days to lie,
But when the claims of Sin were paid, forever justified,
I with the Christ was raised to sit in Glory at God's side.


And so we live our lives in Him, with power from above.
Our light the shades of hell can't dim, abandoned to His Love.
In Love we'll give our lives away, in charity abound,
For in loving you, I'm loving Him; let wonderous praise resound.


Robert Libey

This is one of our most favorite songs and want to share it with you. We did not know who the author was and recently received an email tell us it was Robert Libey. Robert, you have blessed us beyond measure with your song and we in turn pray Gods richest blessings back to you for all the lives this little song has enriched.