New Creation

2 Corinthians 5:17. (New English) When anyone is united to Christ, there is a new world;
the old order has gone, and a new order has already begun.

(Heíring) So that if anyone is a new creature in Christ, the old order has passed,
and, behold, a new world has arisen.

(Stanley) If anyone has entered into fellowship with Christ, a new world has at once
opened upon him; an old world has passed away....

(Doddridge) ...[there is] a new creation in the heart of that man...he is brought
as it were into another world, and is himself quite a different creature than
he was before.


My spirit has been born from above and has entered into participation in the realm above.

I have entered the kingdom--the realm or reign--of God (John 3:3-6).

I am in union with Christ who has been raised and seated in that spiritual realm.

Therefore I myself am in that new realm, that heavenly region, that new world.

In that new world, everything is new and everything is already mine.

I am learning to live out of my spirit, out of that new world, out of heavenís inexhaustible
supply of Life, power, love, and glory.

Iím in a new world!