I Have Victory!

2 Corinthians 2:14.(KJV) Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to
triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.

(Barclay) Thanks be to God, for he always gives us a place as sharers in the victory
procession of Christ, and, just as at such an earthly triumph,
the perfume of incense fills the streets, so God through us has
displayed in every place the fragrance of the knowledge of himself.

(Way) Thank God, it is He who everywhere leads me, leads me in Messiahís
triumph-procession. By me He wafts abroad through every land the knowledge of
Jesus, the incense of His triumphal march.

(Moffatt) Wherever I go, thank God, he makes my life a constant pageant of triumph
in Christ, diffusing the perfume of his knowledge everywhere by me..

(Laubach) Thank God, who is giving us victory after victory....

(New Berkeley) ...who invariably leads us on triumphantly in Christ and evidences
through us in every place the fragrance that results from knowing Him.

(Williams) ...He always leads me in His triumphal train through union with Christ,
and everywhere through me keeps spreading the perfume of the knowledge of Him.

(Weymouth) ...who in Christ ever heads our triumphal procession, and by our hands
waves in every place that sweet incense, the knowledge of Him.

(Conybeare) ...who leads me on from place to place in the train of his triumph,
to celebrate his victory over the enemies of Christ.

(20th Century) ...who, through our union with the Christ, leads us in one continual
triumph, and uses us to spread the sweet odour of the knowledge of him in every place.

(Wand) ...my journey turned out to be a triumphal procession everywhere.
(God made it so through Christ.)

(New Life) We thank God for the power Christ has given us. He leads us and makes
us win in everything.


Thank God, He always causes me to triumph in Christ.

I always have the victory because the victory Christ wrought was my victory, and Christ and that victory are inside of me now.

God gave me a place as a sharer in the victory procession of Christ.

Christ marched out of hell as absolute Master over all of Satanís works and forces..

I marched out with Him.

Christ went up and sat down at the Fatherís right hand, victorious over all enemies.

I sat down with Him.

And now, through spiritual union with Him, I walk in that victory.

Everywhere God leads me, I march in Christís triumph-procession.

My life is a constant parade of triumph.

Jesus fought and won the battle and gave the victory to me, and Iím out celebrating that victory.

Through me God evidences that victory and the knowledge of Christ spreads out from me like perfume wherever I go.

God leads me from place to place in the train of Christís triumph.

Through union with Christ, He leads me in one continual triumph.

I thank God for the power Christ has given me.

He leads me and makes me win in everything.