I Have Wisdom!

Ephesians 1:8. (KJV) Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence.

(Kliest and Lilly) With his grace he has inundated us, by imparting to us all manner
of wisdom and practical knowledge.

(Way) Rich and free as Godís grace is rich--the grace which He made to overflow
unto us in outpourings of manifold wisdom and discernment.

(Lovett) And if that were not enough, He lavishes still more grace upon us by supplying
the wisdom and insights which permit us to know and understand.

(Barclay) This grace he gave us in superabundance to equip us with all wisdom and
all insight.

(20th Century) This is in accordance with the wealth of the blessings that God
heaped upon us, which were accompanied by countless gifts of wisdom and

(Wand) How rich is the kindness that He has showered upon us in disclosing to us
a complete explanation of His secret purpose.

(Beck) He poured out the riches of His grace on us, giving us every kind of
wisdom and understanding.

(Knox) So rich is Godís grace, that has overflowed upon us in a full stream of
wisdom and discernment, to make known to us the hidden purpose of his will.

(Carver) This gracious ransom and forgiveness and induction into sonship are without
limit since they are in accord with the richness of his grace which he
caused to come into us in overflowing stream, resulting in every form of
wise insight-discernment.

(Carpenter) ...God is infinite, and He has given all. The heavens were opened,
and all the gifts of God descended, abounding and cascading on us, wisdom to
know that which had been unknowable, discernment of that which passeth

(Hayman) This grace He lavished upon us in every gift of wisdom, speculative
and practical.

(Hudson) ...with full grasp of principle and practical wisdom.

(Norlie, Tomanek, Diaglott) ...wisdom and intelligence.

(Byington, New World) ...in all wisdom and good sense.


God has caused His grace to overflow upon me, to flood me in Christ,
supplying me with every kind of wisdom, both spiritual and practical.

He has imparted to me all manner of wisdom and practical knowledge so
that I understand His overall purpose and plan and how to carry it our in detail.

He has supplied me with the wisdom and insight which permits me to know and
understand His ways.

Godís grace has come to me in a full stream, bringing all His gifts, including
wisdom to know what was unknowable and discernment and insight
of that which has been beyond my understanding.

I am full of Godís wisdom and insight.

I am full of Godís wisdom and intelligence.

I am full of Godís wisdom and good sense in Christ.

That wisdom makes me a success.

I know how to deal with even the most perplexing and difficult situations
in life because I have Godís wisdom inside of me..