Greetings to all of you Loverboy Fans !!

 Welcome to my Loverboy Fan Page !
 This Page is dedicated to the Canadian Rock - Group Loverboy.
 The Boys were really big in the 80's and they had a great Comeback
 in the last 5 years.
 For those of you who don't recall the Group or don't know about Loverboy, 
 the Members are :
                             Mike Reno - vocals
                             Paul Dean - guitars, background vocs.
                             Scott Smith - bass, background vocs.
                             Richard Sera - keyboards, background vocs.
                             Matthew Frenette - drums, percussion
 The band started in 1980 after Mike and Paul were in a series of 
 " Local Hero " Bands.
 Them being put out with the Music Bussines was the reason for
 putting the band together.
 Extensive Auditions led to the additions of Smith, Doug Johnson,
 who was later replaced by Sera, and Frenette.
 The band signed a Record Contract with Columbia Records 
 ( now Sony Records ), and released their self - titled Debut Album
 in 1980.
 The Band fell apart in 1989 and reformed the following year with a
 new Member - Sera.
 Their extensive Touring schedule made them one of the most
 successful Bands of the 80's !
 Discography :
                         Loverboy - 1980
                         Get Lucky - 1981
                         Keep It Up - 1983
                         Lovin' Every Minute Of It - 1985                                   
                         Wildside - 1988
                         Big Ones ( a collection ) - 1990
                         Temperature's Rising ( a collection ) - 1992
                         Classics ( a collection ) - 1993
                         Super Hits ( a collection ) - 1997
                         VI ( Six ) - 1997
 Videography :
                         Loverboy - 1983
                         Any way You Look At It - 1985
                         Loverboy - Rock & Roll - 1985
                         Loverboy - nla
 We are looking for other Fans who would like to share their memories 
 and experiences with the Band with us.
 We are also willing to buy pretty much everything that is connected 
 with the band, such as Videos, Pics, Autographs, printed Media, etc.
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 please e - mail us under :
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           with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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