Kathy's Korner

This is a section for our fearless leader to offer words of wisdom to Iota Tau and Beta Sigma Phi as a whole. We're listening...

Kathy began our sorority year by having us all reaffirm our committment to Iota Tau and Beta Sigma Phi. She hoped to remind and encourage us all to "give the best that is in us to our sorority". Her Letter of Intent is as follows:


SISTERS OF IOTA TAU, we pledge ourselves anew with the determination to give the BEST that is in us to our chapter. . . To

Attend all chapter meetins on the 1st Sunday of every month unless otherwise excused by a member of the Executive Board


Serve in your capacity of Board Member to the best of your ability at all times


Attend all social events as planned by the Social Committee


Participate in all Ways & Means projects as directed by chapter vote


Treat your sisters as you would like to be treated yourself. After all, we are your family too!


Follow through on all commitments, whether it's to a sister or to Iota Tau


Always keep Iota Tau's business confidential


Bring items of concern out in the open at a meeting so they can be dealt with and not left to fester and upset others


Include everyone in dinner or social plans so no one feels left out


Remember, we are all very busy people


Our families are our first priority but sorority should be a very close second!



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