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This year our programs will mostly consist of sisters introducing sisters. We all lead such busy lives that we often don't have the time to sit down and get to know each other as well as we would like.

One of our goals for the year is to reacquaint ourselves with each other and find out the things that we haven't had an opportunity to learn about our sisters.

Each sister has drawn a name of another sister randomly. She is then responsible for contacting that sister and setting up a day to do an "interview". By asking questions she will learn some of the more unique aspects of a sister who she may have thought she knew very well.

(Update: Due to our new format we will be doing this at one meeting. The sisters will pair off and interview each other. They will then report back to the chapter. We hope that we will still learn some pretty interesting things about our sisters this way.)

She will then "introduce" that sister to the chapter at the next meeting. This way we can all "meet" her and get to know her better.

We feel that this will help us to meet our goal of increasing chapter harmony and togetherness. You may want to ask yourself, "How well do I know my sisters?"

We will also be doing two programs that are also socials at the same time. They are our annual Thanksgiving Celebration and a new twist for our chapter, Dr. Suess' Birthday Party (Update: unfortunately due to our change in format this was a social that got bumped to another year). We will be posting more information about these two programs on our Social Page at a later date.

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