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Cute is only skin deep

Even while listening to your MP3's on Winamp, you need to get your Iron Mouse fix?  Then why not download an Iron Mouse skin! ^_^ Here's what right now is a fairly small collection of skins featuring her, along with my other Winamp skins (I have no where else to put them! Sorry!).

Iron Mouse Amp
 Name: Iron Mouse Amp  |   Size: 53 KB  |   Created: May 2, 1999 

Ah, my first skin. Of course it was going to be of Iron Mouse! ^_^ My current opinion on this is that it's pretty good for a first try. The balance is invisible so as not to cover Iron Mouse's face. Also, I left off the "mono" sign (the skin looked too cluttered with it).



Nezu Amp
 Name: Nezu Amp  |   Size: 104 KB  |   Created: May 17, 1999 

And here's the second skin I ever made. Blah. It didn't turn out very well. I'm gonna have to fix the botton bar and all of the other extras one of these days. The mono sign isn't visible, and when you're not playing music the bar is gone.



Chuuko Amp
 Name: Chuuko Amp  |   Size: 95 KB  |   Created: Aug 4, 1999 

My third skin and the hardest one I've made. For some reason, back in May whenever I tried to work on it it kept getting worse. I think it looks pretty decent now, though (compared to how it originally looked, at least). As usually, there's no mono sign, and the balance bar is invisible. The bar at the bottom isn't there when the music's off, too.



 Name: Chuu!  |   Size: 57 KB  |   Created: Aug 25, 2000 

Ah, my fifth skin, "Chuu!", or as I call it, "Kappie Discovers Filters!" The main image is of Iron Mouse's henshin, with swirls and stars added. ^.^ Started off nice looking, but I always seem to screw things up when adding buttons. :\ Everything but the balance bar is here. This also marks my first try in designing the playlist! Maybe I'll do an equalizer next time, too...



Juri Amp
 Name: Juri Amp  |   Size: 77 KB  |   Created: Sep 5, 1999 

And I thought the last skin was hard! @_@ I'm still not satisfied with how it turned out. At least the main image is pretty looking, and conveys what I wanted it to. (In case you don't know, this is Arisugawa Juri from Utena. She's the greatest anime character ever. ^_^) Same invisible stuff as the third skin. Getting rid of the visualization makes it look better.



Sleep My Dear
 Name: Sleep My Dear  |   Size: 90 KB  |   Created: Nov 17, 2000 

Wow, not only is this skin not of Iron Mouse, it's not even anime! :o That pretty guy is Kamijo, lead singer of the visual J-rock group Lareine, sleeping at the end of the "Fuyu Tokyo" Making-Of tape. This is the first skin where I focused more on aesthetics -- that means nothing on the right side of the skin. Some buttons do show up after you click on them, though. Also, this is my first skin with an equalizer! I included two, one with all of the things on it, and one without. I'm actually pretty satisfied with how all three parts turned out. There are a few spots that could use some work, and I think some images may have been overcompressed, but otherwise...



Gaze My Dear
 Name: Gaze My Dear  |   Size: 49 KB  |   Created: Feb 26, 2001* 

Another Lareine skin from the "Fuyu Tokyo" Making-Of video. With Sleep My Dear I tried focusing on pleasing the eye, unlike my previous skins where I put functionality first. I think I finally balanced the two perfectly here. It doesn't look quite as good with bright backgrounds, though. Also, something that amused me: while look at this image of Machi (ex-drummer of Lareine), I suddenly thought "A lot of dark red would look nice with this." Afterward, I then thought "A deep red rose in the back would also look really nice." Then a month later I found out that blood red and crimson roses are Machi's image color and flower. *L* Coincidence or fate? But anyways, everything's here but the balance bar, and I also made a playlist and equilizer.
* May 20, 2001 - Tweaked the playlist, changed the font, and did a few other little things.




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