Mike Corbin Guardian Angels

Jill (Jkw194@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike and Luke's friendship

Cheri (cheriwarren@hotmail.com)

Sue (GnstaChk@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike's love for Sonny

Ashton (Whitelazer@aol.com) - Keeper of the engagement ring that Mike gave Sonny to give to Brenda

Taylor (tayway@yahoo.com) - Keeper of Mike's love for Brenda

Diane (Deenie P@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike's regrets where Sonny is concerned

Gabi (GabrielaLS@aol.com)

Becca (Calico@pronet.net)

Kimberly (Mtherhen@aol.com) - Keeper of the cigarette lighter and marriage license

Donna (TIMEY7777@aol.com) - Keeper of a hot romance for Mike

Randa (nwap@ptinet.net)

Thyana (DRNegra@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike's undying love for Sonny and Adella

Paulette (PJS021549@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike Corbin's "humanitarian heart"

Cathy (CATKNSN@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike's shady past and all the yet-to-be-revealed secrets of it

Sara (Pippey2@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike's love for his "Other son" Jason.

Samantha (waldo4@erols.com) - Keeper of Mike's love for his godchild, Michael !

Crystal (Tweetyann9@aol.com) - Keeper of the day Mike and Sonny admitted their feelings and told each other, "I love you."

April (Crazy4GS@aol.com) - Keeper of Mike Corbin's devlish grin

Liz (kliz9@webtv.net) - Keeper of the recovery room

Jennifer (BradleyNowell_28@hotmail.com)

Ellen S. Ross (esross@johnstown.com) - Keeper of Mike's other life under his other name!

Becky (Dcj23@aol.com) - Keeper of the quote Sonny said to Mike:"Don't let this go to your big fat head but I love you too."

Mike Corbin links

Here is a great Ron Hale page The Ron Hale Page

If you would like to join the Ron Hale Fan Club, visit Ron Hale Fan Club

If you would like to become a Mike Corbin Guardian Angel, please contact me at willjj71@aol.com

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