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U.S.S. Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.

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1970 Radar Gang
Kennedy's Radar Gang - 8 FEB 1970
Picture taken at a ships' picnic in Valetta, Malta, by Bruce "Hymie" Helmboldt* (not shown)

Standing:                                              Bill Broderson**               Mike Conley    Neidozedtko (sp?)   Terry Allen(?)
                                                                        Jeff "Pierre" La Pointe                     Wayne Smith   RDC Donnie Gene Lackey
                                                                                                                                                                                      Ray Schwartz***
Kneeling:                                          John NMN Leck          Henry T. "Tom" Reuwer                Paul Jurewicz

Others missing: John Bernard "Monkey" Montgomery, Terry Bailey, Steve "Duty Ops" Rogers, Butch Ruiz****, Jeff Tamblyn, (more?)

*     - Bruce Helmboldt now lives in Duvall, Washington.
**   - Bill Broderson now lives in Anchorage, Alaska.
*** - Ray Schwartz now lives in Clifton, New Jersey.
**** - Here are some pictures of Butch Ruiz (now living in Alpharetta, GA) - past and present.

Cruise Book from DD-850's 1969/70 Med cruise.

In November, 1969, both DD-850 and the USS Warrington, DD-843, were assigned to an Escort / ASW Task Group for a Med cruise. The two destroyers were separated much of the time, but when we were together, occasionally, on the midwatch, the radio voice net would resound to the call of "BIRDIE NUM NUM - BIRDIE NUM NUM". Here's a picture taken when both ships ported in Piraeus, Greece, for the Christmas / New Years 1969/70 holidays.

Jack Loan and Bruce Helmboldt
Here's Warrington's "Birdie Num Num" (Jack Loan, RD3) and me ("Hymie" Helmboldt, RD3) at the Athens Hilton on Christmas night, 1969.

Cruise Book from DD-850's 1971 Med / North Atlantic cruise.

Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy, atop DD-850's fire control director during the 1970 America's Cup
races off Newport, R.I., when the Kennedy and the USS Newman K. Perry, DD-883,
carried passengers out to the course to watch the American 12 meter yacht "Intrepid"
hold off Australia's "Gretel II" and retain the "Ould Mug".

Nagel family
Here are some of the webmaster's long-time friends, the Nagels from
Grand Rapids, MI, on the gangplank of the J.P.K. during a visit to
Battleship Cove, MA, during the summer of 1997.

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