Hi, Welcome To My World,

My name is Judy, I live in Northern Nevada.
I was born and raised in Massachusetts
and moved to Southern California
with my husband Ed in 1959
where we raised Mike, Michele and Kim.

In 1993 we moved to Nevada.
I'm a grandma now with 11 grandchildren:
Jason, Brian, Michael, Emilie, Bradley,
Krystle, Amber, Niki, Beth, James, (aka)Lit'l Man,
and Lauren.
Bet ya didn't think
I could remember all of them!

I have two pets, Happy and Holly.
Happy is a blond Cocker Spaniel
and Holly is a Silver Doppler Dachshund.


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My hobbies and interests are:
camping, reading, crocheting, gardening,
doll collecting and my computer.
I enjoy listening to country western music.

I hope you check out the rest of "My World",
visiting as many of my rooms as you like.
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Meet Molly, my guard puppy.
She watches over my homepages
when I cannot be here.

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