So, you want to join the Darkstalker Web Ring? Sure, we all do!
All you have to do is follow the following guidelines, and soon you will be one of the Night Warrior elite.

1. The page MUST be about Darkstalkers! You would think this would be a 'well, duh!' issue, but..

2. No hentai or porn sites please.

3. No ticking off the Rabid Jersey Chocobos.

Got that, Biffy? then simply fill out this handy dandy little form:

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Okay, you should soon receive a little bundle of joy in the form of a E-mail telling you if you are in the ring. After that simply copy the HTML from this page to your web page, preferably in the main page or a place where it can be seen.

After that, huzzah, you are in the Darkstalker Ring. Amazing, technology these days..

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