James and Kai'leen Gibbs

Jackson, MS

The Courts have been entered times.

Our Story

In the beginning, there was darkness.... [skipping forward a _lot_] A while later, in November of 94 I discovered the Internet. Via that first shell account, I found Alt.Callahans, and then in December of 1994 I discovered #callahans. I had a lot of fun with these people, and all that sappy stuff I could go into but isn't really the point. You see, the real problem in my life was that I was single. I had a premonition that #callahans might change my life, but after about 18 months I'd given up on that idea. Meanwhile, December of 1996, Kai'leen discovered the Internet. Via _her_ first shell account, a friend showed her alt.callahans and then she found #callahans, in February of 97, by now on undernet. She was a poor, confused soul, and had no idea what fate had in store for her in that channel... Of course, neither did I. Clueless as to what was about to happen, in March of 1997 I started flirting with Kai'leen. She returned the attention, and things blossomed from there. So about 6 weeks later, she moved down here, and in December of 1997 we got married. So that's where we are now. Married, happy, and making others sick by being so happy. It's a lot of fun.

Update, August 30, 1999 (FINALLY!)

May 25, 1998 was a day to remember. On Memorial Day, at 9:40pm, James Frederick Gibbs III was born. We couldn't call him James, since this is his dad's name, nor Jim, since this is his grandfather's, and we just flat out didn't like Fred. So Rick he became.

Then, in October 1998, we found out we were doing it again.

Our second little blessing, Deirdre Ruth Gibbs, came screaming into the world on her due date, June 28, 1999, at 7:34am. She looks more like her daddy, with dark hair and dark blue eyes. We still think her eyes will turn brown. We'll keep you posted.

January 16, 2000

We survived the new year without a scratch. We've added a photo album: we had new pictures made on January 15 and had to put them up!

Rick is now almost 20 months old and Deirdre is almost 7 months. They are the most wonderful babies in the world. Deirdre's eyes are this strange color now... we still don't know what color they'll end up. Stay tuned for further developments.

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