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This is a Picture of my Great Grandfather John Alexander Fraser in his Uniform, he was a RSM and he fought in the 20th Battalion Canadian Expiditionary Force in World War 1.

John Alexander was Born in Kinloss, Moreyshire in Scotland in the 1870's, he was one out of 11 brothers and sisters born to Alexander and Elizabeth Fraser. Together with Elizabeths father John Fraser, they moved to a small town called Darwen in Lancashire, looking for better work.
John Started working in a Wallpaper Manufacturing Factory called Crown Wallcoverings around 1891, in 1899 he was given time off to fight in the Boer War, he served with the Queens Own East Lancs Regiment.
In 1914 he emigrating to Canada to enlist in the army, he fought till the near end, he was shot and wounded at the battle of Somme in 1916 In 1919 he when he was discharged due to ill health he came back home to Darwen. When he came back to Darwen it was only for a very short time, he came back to collect 3 of his 4 children (my Grandfather stayed in Darwen) he emigrated to Toronto, Canada with his family, he also took a woman called Alice Baines over with him, his wife Mary Fraser (nee Morrey/Murrey) had died in 1916 whist he was fighting, it is unknown who this Alice was or where he met her.
My Great Grandfather worked at Stauntons Wallpaper Factory in Toronto (which is the sister Factory of Crown Wallcoverings Factory in Darwen) and in total he work for the company for a total of 60 years on retirement he received a mahogany writing bureau, he died in June 1955.
My Great Grandfathers Children led very different lives, it is believed Doris Fraser lived with her father and Aleice till they died, she never married.
John Malcolm Fraser (aka Jack) it is believed also never married and was K.I.A. in World War 2.
Alexander Married as of yet we do not know his wife's name and had three children Joan, Jemici and Jacky (Jacky was a male), two of which are twins. So far I have not been able to trace anymore of the lineage in Toronto as Contact was lost when Doris died. I am hoping some day to trace one or all of the three children as there is a chance that one or all are still alive.
My Grandfather Frederick Fraser Married Edith Kershaw and together had two children, Alice and John Alexander Morrey Fraser, John (my father) married Margaret Bury and had three children Sharon, Jacqueline Ann (which is me) and Susan (Susan died at the age of 9 days).
I am now married to Philip Rigby and as of yet have no children and my sister Sharon is married to Stephen Ollerton and have adopted a little boy who they have named John Joshua and also a little girl named Hannah Susan.

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