Ok, I really love Days and think it's the best soap opera ever. However, there are just some things that I do not understand. I think some things on this show don't make sense. So, I made a list of my opinions and pet peeves on the show. And remember these are my opinions, so don't gripe me out. You probably don't even care about what I think, but I think some are amusing. Anyway, here they are!

 Half of the time, there are no toilets in the jail cells! Doesn't everyone have to go when nature calls?

 A cup of herbal or chamomile tea will make everything better.

 If you are related to an attorney or rich businesswoman, don't worry about breaking the law, you'll always be let off the hook.

 A plane (private jet not to mention), or a limo, will always be waiting if you need a quick escape or sudden vacation to far off places in Europe, etc.

 People in Salem always wake up looking beautiful and refreshed with all their makeup on and their hair already fixed.

 Although the characters hardly ever work, they seem to have plenty of money to drive Mercedes and go on exotic vacations.

 Every character with a child only talks to him/her once every three months or so.

 At any time one feels compelled to just go out and shop at Salem Place, visit a friend, or go on a weekend or longer getaway, the thought of their children never enters their mind. But, they probably just assume that the nanny will take care of everything, or perhaps the young kids get along fine by themselves…?

 There must be only one coffee shop and one shopping center in the city of Salem, where everyone who knows each other always go and seem to meet up.

 People change outfits several times a day in seconds flat. They are ready to go after being in bed asleep moments before.

 Everyone in Salem takes micro-speedy fast showers and fixes their hair and makeup in one minute (or one commercial break!! haha).

 It's routine for the city's villain to just have his scientist whip up a nice potion/device/cure for memory loss, diseases, or sedatives that are totally impossible!!

 Secret rooms and underground catacombs are common.


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