Meet    Mouseketeer    "Nita    Dee"

Mouseketeer "Nita Dee" was born August 6,1966. Today "Nita"is 32 years old. To my knowledge, "Nita" is the mother of two children. "Nita"was the second to the youngest of the twelve New Mouseketeers. "Nita" was a very accomplished dancer, she was taking lessons at the ripe old age of 4. When the "New Mickey Mouse Club" came to an end,"Nita"continued acting in several afterschool specials, which included,"The Mobile Maidens", "Little LuLu goes to camp", she also played a deaf girl on "Fantasy Island". "Nita" also did a short lived series called "UpbeatAesop", based on Aesop Fables. Brad Maule from "General Hospital" was on the show as well. I haven't caught up with "Nita" for several years, but to kind of give you a little insight, "Nita" is a fun person to be with. She really likes to laugh and have a good time. I hope you will check back soon.I am really new at building a web page, but I will update this site, and I will be adding new pictures all the time. I welcome all comments and suggestions.


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