I'm So Thankful...


     I'm so thankful to the thousands of people out there who can't seem to care for anyone except themselves. They litter the streets, marring its beauty; choke the rivers with their waste; and, unable to even muster a simple apology, they rush off without even a reaction when they have wronged you.

     I'm so thankful to the religious fanatics who claim that their interpretation is right. They claim to be the best and to be always right, and thus they bring it upon themselves to "cleanse" the world of people whose opinions differ from theirs. They assume they are holier than us, and believe that gives them the right to oppress everyone else, drawing blood from bodies like water flowing from rivers, all in the name of God.

     I'm so thankful to the leaders of the world throughout the ages. With their wisdom and knowledge, they have shown the citizens that false promises and lies are the only steps to power. They have become drunk with power; they brainwash their people and tell them to turn against their fellow humans, both kith and kin. Those who are greedy bring their names up among other countries while their subjects live in silence and suffering.

     I'm so thankful for the egos of men, which have inflated to enormous proportions. These "men" deem it necessary to "act like men" and so commit crimes that belittle women. They do wrong, but put the blame on innocent people because their ego does not allow them to carry the burden of failure.

     I'm so thankful for the wonders of science. Thanks to them, we can now destroy ourselves in even more efficient ways. Despite these wonders, a simple unknown virus could kill you anytime. Do we have any reason left to try to live a long, healthy life?

     Yes, I'm so thankful for the condition of this wretched world that I live in.


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