Hi    I    am    Alli    D.    and    this    is    my    Home    Page!

Hello world!
This page will not be run by Jeri anymore she has passed the honor to me......Alli D.!
This is page all about Howard(Howie D) Dorough. He is from the BSB for 
all of you that don't know and he is my absolute Favorite one of them all.
so go ahead and knock yourself out check everything out!
Alli D.

Howie pics are here
Articles Of Howie!
Howie Fanclubs!
Donnies Cyber Petz: My little Bros page
My Cyber Petz: Come visit my Cyber Pet Adoptees!
N Sync's JC & Joey: don't you love them too?
Circle B Stables: Horse Lovers Over Here!

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Allison Beaton

Nova Scotia