The 1985 XJ6 Jaguar at the Concours

This car was declared a "total" by the insurance company just two months before the show as the result of a disputed right of way with a Toyota. They hit head on at 50 MPH. All the doors were jambed shut and the front and back windows were poped out. There were no injurys, thank God.
Michels Jaguar of Austin jacked up the body and drove the running gear and engine under another body which had just been painted. We retrieved the brand new leather interior from my car and put it into the new body. The wreck had not hurt the engine or the newly installed Quarter Breed (TH350 transmission) kit so all of that was saved.

When it was done just two weeks before the Concors of the Austin Jaguar Club I entered it for the Driven class and won First place with 9.996 points.
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