Jim Isbells Jaguar SS-100 (replica)

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This is the best picture of the car. I tried to place it in a typical English countryside. The closest I could get was a stone wall next to the 12th fairway on the maintenance path that looks like a dirt road. If your resolution is good enough you should be able to read the license plate. It is an antique car license plate. That is alowable because the kit was built on a lenthened 1970 VW chassis. Since it is registered as a VW and is over 25 years old it qualifies for Antique plates! The plates help to create the illusion.

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The main points that anyone who knows the ss-100 will see are that the flying cat on the radiator does not belong, the headlights are too big, the stanchons for the windshield (yes it folds down) are shaped differently at the bottom, the doors open from the back and are somewhat different in shape, and the "gas tank" (which holds the engine) is somewhat deeper than a real ss-100.

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But to the uninitiated, it looks genuine, and it is easier to maintain AND I am not afraid to drive it! :-)

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