Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc.

Jonathan Fitzpatrick, Financial Independence Consultant.

FINL is a 10 year-old three-time Inc. 500 company with a Network Marketing program which is sweeping the country because it does the one thing every network marketer is working for. It gets them to debt-free (including their mortgage) financial independence in the shortest possible time. Every product provided by FINL has one purpose - to help you achieve financial independence - and is part of the overall Debt-FREE & Prosperous LivingTM philosophy. In fact, if you follow the system, FINL will guarantee your financial independence! Web site:

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The Company

Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc. (FINL) began regular operations in early 1990. They operate from their own state-of-the-art facilities in a beautiful little river town in southwest Wisconsin, called Boscobel.

The FINL Philosophy

The FINL philosophy is a simple one: the average American is dying under a load of debt - with no real hope for a better future. So FINL features a three step system that shows them how to get out of debt, operate on cash, and build retirement wealth, all in the shortest possible time - with the income they already earn. Our unique personal financial freedom concepts are offered through a Best-Selling independent study course (manual and cassettes), a monthly newsletter, a PC software program and assorted video and audio programs. FINL also offers two optional income opportunity programs, for those who would like to accelerate their debt-elimination and wealth-building process.

FINL has been recognized as the leader in debt elimination training by some of the top names in personal financial planning, including Loren Dunton, widely accepted as the "Father of Financial Planning." In 1994, and again in 1996, FINL was selected to Inc. Magazine's list of "The 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America." But, most importantly, our financial independence systems have been recognized by over 150,000 satisfied customers across the United States and Canada.

The reason is clear: FINL's unique strategies show exactly who is stealing your wealth, and how to turn the process around - so that money is flowing into your life rather than out. Most people who follow our concepts can be completely debt-free, including their home mortgage, in about 5 to 7 years. From that point, all the money they had formerly been wasting on credit debt payments each month, is focused into a simple mutual fund investment program. Many people following our plan can completely retire and live on the interest from their investments in just 5 to 10 years after their debts are paid off.

The Product

The Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) program can free you from the financial bondage of our American economic system -- a system which funnels most of the wealth you produce over your working life into the vaults of money companies... specifically, giant credit companies.

Federal statistics show that 96% of Americans DO NOT achieve financial freedom -- little wonder when they hand paycheck after paycheck to the money companies. It's been a dead-end street for most of us, but now we have a program to defeat this cycle of financial slavery.

The Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) System will show you how to:

Finally, Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) will show you how to direct the money you once wasted on mortgage, car and credit card payments into simple, safe investments -- allowing you to live as you choose off the income generated from those investments, and never have to work again!

You can download your FREE copy of Debt Free for Windows debt elimination software here (follow this link). It will show you just how much money you can save by paying off your debts, all in a matter of minutes.

Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) is already working to free more than 150,000 American families from debt and credit-dependency. They are achieving the financial independence we all dream of having. You too can FREE yourself! To find out how, keep reading.

Retire Years Before You Dared To Dream

The Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) system is designed to create the financial independence we all dream about, while you still have the youth and good health to enjoy it. Using the valuable information presented in the Basic Course, DebtFree Software, Audio and Video Tapes and other publications and products, you will learn how to completely rid yourself of debt in about five years, kicking the credit habit forever, and keeping the wealth you produce for you and your family.
The exciting business opportunity offered by Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) is the result of the vision of John Cummuta, who rose above the frustration of credit bondage to create a program that is helping tens of thousands of Americans like you and me to achieve financial freedom. John's vision is both simple and powerful. The Mission of Financial Independence Network Limited is:

Creating a Debt-FREE America.

Financial Independence Guarantee

FINL guarantees that, if you are age 50 or younger, and follow the Debt-FREE & Prosperous LivingTM system, you WILL achieve financial independence, no later than retirement age (65). Financial independence is defined as being completely debt-FREE - including your home mortgage - and receiving enough monthly income from investments to pay your living expenses. If you meet these criteria and do not achieve financial independence by or before retirement age (65), and you can show (with cancelled checks or other records of payments, and with statements from credit accounts) that you followed the Debt-FREE & Prosperous LivingTMsystem - WE WILL REFUND EVERY PENNY YOU EVER PAID TO FINL - FOR EDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS PURCHASED FOR PERSONAL USE - FROM THE MOMENT OF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE THROUGH YOUR LAST PURCHASE.

Home-Based Business Opportunities

Home-based businesses are the real growth generators in today's economy, according to American Home Business Association. In fact, the average home-based business household earns 2-3 times what the average American household wage earner makes. With corporate down-sizing and an uncertain economy, it only makes sense to become your own boss! Why not do a business that's also a mission to help rescue people from financial disaster. You can make a real difference in people's lives with these two home-based businesses.

Do Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) Seminars and Personal Consultations

Certified Financial Independence Consultants (CFICs) are exclusively commissioned to conduct our popular Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) seminar. More than 150,000 people, across America and around the world, have been amazed to find how the Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) system literally walks them out of a desert of debt - including their home mortgage - into the refreshing waters of financial about 5 years...using the money they already bring home. As a CFIC, one of your greatest rewards will be the satisfaction of helping people make that journey. There are still millions of people to reach with this life-changing message - and you can reach a lot of them...while getting your piece of the booming, $65 billion seminar market.

Build a Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) Network Marketing Organization

Over the years, customers of our Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) products (books, newsletters, videos, audio cassettes, software) have told us they would love to share our life-changing financial tools with friends and family - but they'd like to make some money doing it. So we at FINL (Financial Independence Network Limited, Inc.) developed a network marketing compensation system to reward customers for selling our products to people they know. These independent representatives are called Financial Independence Consultants (FICs).

The Advantages

The Debt-FREE & Prosperous Living(tm) Program is Better than other MLMs...

The Marketing System

FINL has developed a comprehensive 5 step marketing system - called SPEEDTM - designed not only to promote FINL's products and network marketing business opportunity, but to act as a complete training program for new Financial Independence Consultants (FICs). This no-hype tell-it-like-it-is system brings your prospects right through the front-door of FINL. The steps of the SPEEDTMsystem work as follows:

FINL has even designed a Step "0.5" lead generation step. The Step "0.5" package contains everything you need to generate leads through direct mail, magazines, newspapers, and radio.

The beauty of the SPEED(tm) system is that ANYONE CAN USE IT. You don't have to be a master marketer or super salesperson. There are no objection handling techniques or sales closes to learn. It couldn't be simpler or more duplicable than this!

Contact Information

Would you like to receive more information on F.I.N.L.? If so, send your name and complete mailing address to me via email ( Please put "FREE Info Pack on FINL" in the subject field. I'll rush the information to you immediately.
If you are interested in the Debt Free & Prosperous Living products only, then please put "FINL Products" in the subject field, and we will happily send you a catalog.

You can download your FREE copy of Debt Free for Windows debt elimination software here (follow this link).

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