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written   and   directed   by   Josh   Campbell   and   Shannon   Starr

Revelations looks at the inner depths of the mind and how someone so far removed from society (or so we think) as a serial killer, can actually be reflected in ourselves.

The play is set an an interview room of a women's prison in an unknown town. Amanda Ryan is seated at a desk, dresed in prison clothes, her hands handcuffed. We soon learn that she has been arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, and that the evidence against her is strong. Her fingerprint was found, in the victims blood, on his neck and the murder weapon. Charged with the difficult task of defending Amanda is Benjamin Mathews, a young, ambitious, but somewhat naive attorney. But lurking behind his calm, business-like exterior there also lurks a dangerous secret, and a less than ideal past.

Throughout the interview Amanda shows herself to be a highly intellegent and sophisticated woman. She uses her knowledge of Ben's past and her expert knowledge of human nature to manipulate her lawyer. She also uses 'Client-Attorney Priviledge' against him when she tells him that her lover was not the first man she killed. She is nothing less than a calm, emotionless femme fatal, a cold-blooded serial killer.

"Revelations" went down very well when performed at the Castlereagh Drama Festival. Anyone who saw it expressed their total fear of Amanda, played by director/writer Shannon Starr. Aparently this is a woman not to get on the wrong side of- nor would we recommend being alone with her at night! Josh Campbell gave a stirling performance as Benjamin. He oozed respectability and lawyerly-ness (is that even a word?).

At the moment "Revelations" is a short one act play, but we intend on turning it into a full length play. We will as soon as Co-writer Josh gets his butt back from Canada (see WHERE ARE THEY NOW?).

Watch this space.