Welcome to The Nexxus: Tertiary Perfect

Before plunging into The Nexxus' portals and gorging your ocular organs upon the fan-fiction contained within the void, please keep the following in mind:

1) Plagiarism is a punishable felony. The fiction inside is copyright their respective authors, so please do not take our work without asking.

2) As the themes of this site are yaoi and shounen-ai (that is, male-male sensual and/or sexual relationships), you have to be 18 or older to enter The Nexxus. I have to post this warning because I can't corrupt the kiddies, now can I? Besides, if I didn't, I run the risk of getting my ass chewed by some righteous homophobic parent; my bum is quite fine where it is, thank you.

3) Flames of any sort won't be tolerated. By myself or anyone else featured on this site. So please, be considerate and respectful.

All that said and done, I welcome you to the spiraling portal that is The Nexxus!!

Seiya Kou

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