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~Assorted Graphics~

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First, I would like to dedicate this page to my wonderful husband, Will, for being so understanding. I like to drove him crazy with all the Gif searching I have done. Thanks, Will, and look at what you helped me do!!! You are the best!!!
I hope you enjoy these gifs I have collected. I really enjoyed putting this page together. I will update it often. If any of these gifs are copy righted, e-mail me, and I will remove them. Thanks, and enjoy!

kajun_pebs got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

This is my neopet, Minit. Isn't she cute. Just click on her to get your own. I promise you, you will love it! 8-)

: Angel
: Angel Sleeping
: Small Baby Tweety (animated)
: Animated Balloons
: Animated Confetti
: Wolf Dream Catcher
: Frog Kiss (cute)
: Cute Raccoon
: Looney Tunes Babies
: Tweety Bird
: Tweety again
: Look & See!
: Cool Link Bar
: Pretty Fireworks (animated)
: Garfield
: Ladies Gossiping
: Happy Cat
: Hello
: Animated Puppy Gift
: Silly Frog
: 2 Bunnies
: Ball Toy (animated)
: Teddy Bear
: Pretty Blue Rose
: Coca~Cola
: Coke
: Cowboy Puter (Animated)
: Small Frogie
: Kiss & Smile
: Lips Kiss
: Mushroom (Animated)
: Pegiss (Animated)
: 3 Stars (Animated)
: Cute Smile
: Yellow Rose
: White Rose
: Wine (Animated)
: Cute Frog
: Gophers
: Coke2
: Comment (Animated)
: Hello
: Hey You
: Hi (Animated)
: Pretty but Strange
: Strange
: Nice One
: I Love You Rose
: Taz
: Snoopy

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