Paybacks (Part II of The Bubble Bath)

by Katelin B.

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Warning: Two women showing their love for each other!!! If this bothers you, I suggest you broaden your horizons and in the mean time, read something else. If you're under 18, go roast some chestnuts over an open fire or something. Come back when you're old enough, it'll still be here. (I hope).

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Summary: Sappy stuff and smut. heh, heh. Just another fluff piece.


After the bubble bath, Gabrielle fiened weakness to torture Xena even more. The warrior princess dried her off slowly, her touch so gentle and loving that Gabrielle almost lost her focus and ruined the charade. When Xena helped her to bed and snuggled in beside her under the sheets, Gabrielle relaxed, taking a moment to calm her racing heart.

The young queen waited for several moments, until Xena was dozing on the verge of sleep, before she made her move. Gabrielle snuggled in closer and sighed, pretending to be asleep, and repositioned her arm on Xena's hip, purposely grazing her mound. She felt her lover shift, moaning softly, and she smiled. Gabrielle shifted again, mumbling softly and pressed her lips against Xena's throat, kissed the sweet skin she found there.

Xena trembled, but remained still, thinking Gabrielle was dreaming. After several moments with no more kisses or touches, she started to fall asleep again, hoping for dreams of her love.

Gabrielle stayed awaked, energized by the play in the bubble bath, waiting for the moment when she could put her plan into action. When she felt Xena's breathing even out and deepen, she smiled and gently extracted herself from her lover's arms.

Xena mumbled a little at the loss, but stayed asleep as Gabrielle stood up and padded quietly over to the writing desk. Bending to reach something nestled in the chair, she grabbed Xena's whip and stifled a giggle as she returned to the bed. But she didn't lay down. Gabrielle gently rolled her lover onto her back and moved her arms up over her head. Quickly, but gently, so as not to wake her, Gabrielle tied Xena's hands together with the whip and then secured them to the rail of the headboard. A gentle tug to make sure the knots wouldn't unravel, and she was ready.

The tug had stirred Xena, and she moaned softly as her eyes fluttered open. There was a moment of panic as she realized that she couldn't move her arms, but it disappeared when she saw Gabrielle smiling over her, stark naked, and her hands resting on the gentle swell of her hips. Xena tipped her head back and looked up at her hands, recognizing her whip, and brought her eyes back to Gabrielle. "What is this?" she asked gently, a smile already forming on her face as she tugged her hands playfully.

Gabrielle smiled widely, the relaxed smile that Xena loved to see, and leaned over to run a finger down Xena's throat, and between her breasts. "This," she whispered huskily, her voice full of desire, "Is my turn." Gabrielle let her hand travel lower and grasped the edge of the thin sheet, tugging it back to the foot of the bed, exposing Xena's naked form to her gaze. In one swift movement, she was on the bed, straddling Xena's hips, leaning over her, so their faces were mere inches apart.

Gabrielle traced Xena's parted lips with a finger, gazing at her, and whispered: "So beautiful." She leaned down further, and covered Xena's lips with her own, twining their tongues in a slow, erotic dance.

They kissed for several moments, until Gabrielle felt Xena's hips rock up into hers. She pulled away quickly, not wanting to rush things, and smiled at her lover's protesting moan. "Oh, no," she whispered, sliding down to sit on Xena's thighs, holding them down, "Not yet my warrior. I'm going to have some fun first."

Xena's eyes went wide at Gabrielle's evil looking smirk and struggled against her bonds with a little more force. Gabrielle chuckled softly and shook her head. "Poor Xena," she teased and reached up to lightly pincered each nipple between a thumb and finger, twisting them gently, "Are you having second thoughts?" She was answered by a deep groan, as Xena arched her back, pressing her breasts up toward Gabrielle's touch. "I'll take that as a no," she added softly, smiling.

Gabrielle released the imprisoned nipples and rested her hands on either side of Xena's body, leaning slowly towards her lover's breasts. Xena whimpered, squirming underneath Gabrielle, frustrated with how slowly the bard was moving. Gabrielle chuckled softly and decided she had better stop pushing her luck. She reached her goal and closed her lips over one rosy nipple, biting gently.

Xena cried out, arching her back and pushing her breast further into Gabrielle's mouth. A white hot surge of desire rushed through her body, settling deep between her legs. Xena struggled against her bonds again, but for a different reason. She wanted to run her hands through her lover's hair. But it didn't look like Gabrielle was going to let her.

Gabrielle lavished attention to Xena's breasts, alternating back and forth, until her lover was nearly screaming. The young queen kissed a slow line down Xena's stomach, pausing to dip her tongue into her lover's navel. A promise of things to come. Xena whimpered and bucked her hips, wanting Gabrielle's mouth lower. Needing it to cover her aching center.

Finally, Gabrielle decided she had tortured Xena long enough. Pulling Xena legs apart quickly, Gabrielle caught her gaze and smiled wickedly before lowering her mouth, and latching onto her lover's pleasure center. She sucked and licked, nibbled and tongued every fold with voracious intensity, listening to Xena's moans and whimpers.

Xena, strained against her bonds, rocking her hips back and forth, trying to free herself, but at the same time, incredibly turned on by her helplessness. Gabrielle used her arms to steady Xena's motions as she found her lover's hard little button and pulled it into her mouth, suckling.

Xena screamed, her body rigid, feeling the edge racing for her. But just as she was about to fall over it, the sensations stopped. Gabrielle had moved away, just kissing and caressing her lover's inner thighs. Xena wanted to scream. "Gabrielle?" she whimpered, craning her neck to look down at the bard.

Gabrielle met her gaze and smiled. "Yes, Xena?" she asked, a wicked smile on her face. She chuckled softly and latched onto her lover's folds again, causing Xena to forget what ever it was she was wanted to say. She lapped at the flood of juices that practically gushed from Xena's tortured center, loving the sweetness.

Gabrielle brought Xena to the edge again, and backed off a second time, merely licking the stickiness from the warrior's silky thighs. Listening to the whimpering pleas, Gabrielle knew she was pushing her luck, but smiled wickedly anyway. There was one thing she was waiting for, and she hadn't heard it yet.

Feeling Xena's pleasure start to ebb, Gabrielle resumed her sweet torture, bringing her lover to the edge a third and finally a fourth time before she heard what she wanted. "Please....." Xena's hoarse voice reached her ears, "Please.... Gabrielle...." It was enough.

Xena's head thrashed from side to side as she whimpered, wondering how long the torture would last. She was close to tears from the frustration of it all, but a part of her was loving every moment of it. She had never been more turned on in her life.

The young bard latched onto Xena's center, closing her lips around her lover's hard little node and suckling steadily. But this time, she didn't pull away. Reaching up, Gabrielle used her arms to pin down Xena's hips, knowing her climax was very close. She increased her suckling, moving with Xena's thrashing, not giving her a moment of rest.

Suddenly, Xena's body tightened. She screamed and went rigid, her hips bucking, mashing her tortured center against Gabrielle's face. Xena sobbed through a release so powerful, that blackness swirled in her vision, and she forced herself not to pass out.

Gabrielle kept suckling, riding out the waves with Xena, and holding on for dear life. Xena finally lost her battle with consciousness, passing out from the intense sensations. Her entire body went limp, falling back to the bed, her arms hanging loosely from her bindings.

For a moment, Gabrielle was more than a little concerned. She quickly reached up and untied Xena's arms, pulling her lover's limp body into her arms. Gabrielle realized that Xena was simply overcome by her orgasm and cradled her, rocking gently and whispering words of love in her ear.

After several minutes, Xena whimpered and stirred in Gabrielle's arms, her eyelids fluttering open. "Hey..." She whispered, her voice thick and hoarse from her exertions, "Gabrielle..... I...."

Gabrielle put a finger to Xena lips to shush her, then covered them with her own in a slow, loving kiss. "I know my Love," she said softly, stroking her hair and holding her tightly, "I know. Sleep now." She kissed Xena one last time, and listened as her lover's breathing evened out and deepened as she drifted off. "I love you, Xena, " she whispered quietly to the sleeping woman in her arms before closing her eyes and joining her in slumber. Her last thoughts of Xena, and how much she loved her.


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