by Katelin B.

---okay, I was feeling the urge to write something smutty... But
for about a week I just couldn't set the scene... then I had a rather...
intense dream about my girlfriend and the shower.  I thought... what a 
great idea for a story. *G*  But there are no showers in Ancient 
Greece... so I had to improvise okay? *G*
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dawn approached the small lakeside clearing, lightening the sky slowly before Xena’s very eyes. As usual she had awakened a short time ago, watching the changes as the world came to life again at the start of a new day. Birds chirping in the trees, squirrels chittering back and forth across the branches above. Xena’s keen ears picked up the sounds of deer munching on tender grasses not far from their camp, and realized that the forest was coming back to life around her. She felt like the laziest creature in the woods. Then she heard the soft snore drifting up from her right breast, where Gabrielle was still sleeping, worn out from the long night they’d had. Okay, second laziest, Xena’s mind conceded, knowing that there was no way she could ever hope to beat the bard in that competition. All though, exhausting themselves the night before would be a good reason to try. The warrior princess looked down at the precious woman, cradled in her arms with a wry expression, wondering if she should wake her or not. Not, she decided as she felt Gabrielle shiver against her, and pulled the sleeping fur up over her naked shoulder. She smiled as the bard nuzzled her breast and gave a contented sigh in her dreams. What could she be dreaming about? Xena wondered with a sly grin, remembering happily the night they had spent here... ...”Xena, shouldn’t we find a place to camp?” Gabrielle asked from her place by Argo’s side, the weariness coming through in her voice, “It will be dark soon.” Xena stayed silent for a moment, thinking it over. She wanted to push on for another candle mark at least, but she could hear how tired the bard was, and no matter how hard she tried to deny it, Gabrielle came first. She always had, and always would. “You’re right,” she finally answered, looking around for a clearing in the dense foliage they traveled through. For a moment, she thought she recognized the spot, then shook her head, reining Argo in to make sure. No, she pleaded silently, trying not to let her anxiety show through, please... not here. Seeing a forked tree up ahead, had made her sure, and now she wanted nothing more than to turn them around and head back. There was indeed a clearing nearby, but Xena was willing to do anything to avoid it. Even fight Garath barehanded, she vowed, looking up at the sky, wondering if the Gods would take pity on her. A pause and then Xena smirked. Nope... didn’t think so. I guess I’ll just have to grin and bear it, she thought. Gods, this is going to be the hardest night of my life. For the clearing was one of the most romantic places Xena had ever seen. She had discovered it with Marcus many years earlier, but had been forced to move on with her army before they could spend any time alone. Now Xena was faced with going to that same place with someone that she knew she loved far more than she had ever loved Marcus. More than she had ever loved anyone. Even if the recipient of that love didn’t know it. Steeling herself against the inevitable, Xena nudged Argo in the ribs and said, “This way, Gabrielle.” Breathe, Xena, she reminded herself forcefully, you’re a warrior, for Hades’ sake, you can do this. Breathe. “Have you been here before?” Gabrielle asked as they passed the forked tree, shoving thick underbrush aside. She came upon the clearing just after Xena did and stopped in her tracks, with a gasp, her eyes wide. “Xena,” she whispered, “It’s beautiful.” “Yeah,” the warrior muttered as she dismounted and methodically began removing Argo’s tack, “Beautiful.” Gabrielle didn’t seem to hear her as she ran to the lakeside and stared up at the rock wall on the other side. Trickling down from it was a misting waterfall, that caught the sun just right, and shimmered a rainbow through the droplets. Crystals, formed from centuries of minerals collecting, sprung from the rocks around it, catching the light off the water and shimmering beautifully. The bard felt tears spring to her eyes as she took it all in, right down to the sounds of birds chirping, and the tiny flock of butterflies, fluttering just above the water’s surface. “Xena, come look at the waterfall,” she said quickly, afraid that the rainbow would vanish if she turned away. “I’ve seen it Gabrielle,” the warrior said quickly, moving to start a fire for cooking. She paused in striking the flint when she realized that they had nothing to eat for dinner, and the bard would probably want fish. Great, she thought with a frown, naked in the water with Gabrielle, here of all places. Gods give me strength. Xena had been right, (big surprise) and now found herself up to her shoulders in cool water, watching Gabrielle splash about not far from her. She had caught a good sized trout for dinner, and had dragged her feet in preparing it, but when she couldn’t delay any longer, admitted silently that she needed to wash her hair. Maybe the cold water will help, she had thought hopefully. Wrongo. Back in the water, and watching Gabrielle frolic around near the waterfall, her already hard nipples became painfully so, the cold water simply sensitizing her body all the more. I’d better forget about washing my hair and get out of here before I do something I’m going to regret, she told herself. Suddenly Gabrielle’s voice sounded, smashing any thought she had of leaving the water. “Xena, c’mere,” the bard called, “You’ve got to see this.” Her voice was filled with such wonder that Xena couldn’t stop herself from approaching. She wanted to stop, but could think of no good reason to refuse, and slowly climbed up onto the rock that Gabrielle was perched on, trying *very* hard not to let their bodies touch. “I don’t see anything Gabrielle,” she said, forcing her voice to sound normal, and not sure she had succeeded. “Maybe you’re not close enough,” the bard answered, straightening up, the cool water streaming down her naked body, “Hold on, I’ll get down so you can get closer.” Just as she was trying to step around Xena, she lost her footing and stumbled with a little yelp of surprise. The only thing that stopped her were Xena’s strong arms, instantly around her, pressing their bodies together, under the cascading water. Xena felt her hold on Gabrielle strengthen as the one on control lost it’s grip. Flames of desire tore through her as their naked flesh pressed against each other, and their eyes met. She had grabbed the bard around her small waist, and Gabrielle had clasped her hands behind Xena’s head, making them look for all the world like lovers sharing an intimate moment. “Gabrielle.... I....” Xena’s voice failed her as she felt her own head dropping down, abandoning reason at the thought of tasting the full lips before her. Her mind screamed that this was exactly what she had wanted to avoid, but was abruptly silenced by another part of her body, now gaining strength at every moment her skin was in contact with the bard’s. Gabrielle said nothing, but locked her gaze with Xena’s, her head tilted up, lips parted slightly. Slowly, every so slowly, their lips came together, gently, Barely touching at first. What am I doing!?! Xena’s mind screamed. Her mind once again tried for control and she began to pull back, until she caught the sound of Gabrielle’s disappointed whimper. Xena opened her eyes for a moment, searching Gabrielle’s. There was no mistaking the desire and lust written in those green orbs, and the little voice of reason was suddenly silenced, shoved aside by Xena’s heart as she dove back in for another kiss. Xena felt the lips beneath hers open on a sigh and it sent a bolt of heat right to her core. Lifting Gabrielle up until they were level, Xena moaned softly when she felt the bard’s legs wrap around her waist, and plunged her tongue into the offered mouth, exploring every new taste she had desired for so long. She felt the redhead’s arms tighten their hold around her neck and dueled hotly with her tongue from the bard’s mouth to her own, and back. Pressing Gabrielle back against the polished stone of the cliff, Xena balanced them carefully so she would be free to move her hands. Never breaking contact with the bard’s lucious mouth, Xena snaked her hands between their wet bodies to cup Gabrielle’s breasts, gently rolling the rock hard nipples with thumb and forefinger. The gentle pressure on her nipples sent a spark of white hot pleasure straight to her center, ripping a hoarse cry from her throat, only to have it swallowed by Xena’s mouth. Everywhere the warrior touched her felt like it was on fire. Gods why did I wait so long to do this? she thought fleetingly just as Xena’s hands started traveling lower and all coherent thought was effectively silenced. Gabrielle moaned deeply into Xena’s mouth as she felt the warrior’s strong hands squeeze her ass cheeks firmly. She tasted Xena’s answering moan as the waters cascaded down around both of them, and closed her lips around the dark woman’s tongue, sucking gently. The bard felt Xena’s body tremble at her actions and laced her fingers through inky black hair, gripping tightly. Suddenly, Gabrielle’s lips were tasting nothing but air, open and gasping for breath as Xena’s mouth transferred to her throat. The warrior’s teeth nipped at the curve where Gabrielle’s neck met her shoulder, each little pinch sending shock waves of pleasure straight to her core. “Oh, Xena,” Gabrielle moaned huskily, pulling the warrior’s body closer to her, the hard wet body slipping against her own. The insistent throbbing between her legs was becoming more than she could bear and she was ready to scream in frustration when long fingers found her most secret of places. Gabrielle cried out in ecstasy as Xena’s questing hands found the proof of her desire, parting folds slick with something other than water, and pressed up into her. Rocking her hips unconsciously against the warrior’s pelvis, Gabrielle opened herself wider, bowing her legs around Xena’s waist, trusting her to keep them balanced on the slippery rocks. Xena bit back the groan of pleasure at the feel of Gabrielle’s womanhood, slick and swollen, under her fingertips. The folds parted like the petals of a flower the moment she touched them, the abundant fluids easing her entry to a near effortless motion. But Gabrielle’s treasures, having been rarely touched, were very tight, and Xena felt a spark of desire sweep through her as the walls closed around her fingers, squeezing firmly. “Gods, Gabrielle,” Xena mumbled hoarsely against the bard’s throat, concentrating on working a steady rhythm, drawing her fingers almost all the way out before easing them back in, again and again, the copious amount of fluids making her self imposed task that much easier, “You’re so wet.” Gabrielle groaned wordlessly at the sound of Xena’s voice, trying to force her hips down with each gentle thrust of the warrior’s fingers inside her. Xena must have understood her body movements, for after a few moments, the speed and drive of the fingers increased, reaching deeper into her with each stroke. “Unh.... Xena.... Harder.” Gabrielle whimpered, her hips bucking shamelessly and uncontrollably as the fingers pounded into her core, her pleasure mounting. Her hands, still tangled in the warrior’s hair, wrenched back, pulling Xena’s head away from her throat to look once more at those ocean blue eyes. Her muscles tensed and she tried to convey all the love she felt for her warrior in one moment as their eyes met, before crushing their mouths together in a searing kiss. Xena knew Gabrielle was standing on the edge of the precipice, ready to fall, the moment her body tensed. She saw the emotions in the bard’s eyes and felt her heart constrict with blinding love as they shared one final kiss before the raging storm caught the little blonde in her arms. “Oh... oh.... yes!.... Xena!.... XENA!!” Gabrielle’s lips parted under Xena’s as her orgasm began, screaming and sobbing her release into the warrior’s throat. Her small body jerked and spasmed, pinned between the rock face and Xena’s hard form, her insides rippling and pulsing around the warrior’s fingers. Xena kept thrusting into Gabrielle until the spasms eased, slowing to a stop, but leaving her fingers nestled deeply in their hot cocoon of wet warmth. She closed her eyes, savoring ever aftershock as the smaller woman’s body pulsed around and against her. Soft whimpering sounds came from her throat as she clung to the warrior, her face buried in Xena’s shoulder, her arms wrapped tightly around her neck... ...Xena smiled softly as she remembered lowering them both into the warm waters, and rubbing Gabrielle’s back gently until she came back to herself and looked up at the warrior through bleary half lidded eyes. They had finally made it to shore, where the camp fire had long burned out, the fish Xena had caught for dinner, nothing more than a charred, blackened lump on the spit. Gabrielle had eagerly reciprocated the gift that Xena had given her under the waterfall, bringing the warrior to an earth shattering climax beside a newly built fire. The two women had touched and kissed, licked and fondled each other, bucking and writhing on the sleeping furs well into the night, only stopping when neither could continue for sheer exhaustion. Whispered words of love and promises of forever had accompanied the crackling of the fire before sleep claimed them both, their sweaty, sated bodies wrapped around each other in a tangle of blankets. Xena sighed at the so recent memory and chuckled softly, remembering Gabrielle’s admission just before they had drifted off. There had never been anything at the waterfall the bard had wanted her to see, and she had never slipped on the rocks. It had all been planned while Xena was catching and preparing their dinner. Planned and executed with unerring accuracy. Well done, Gabrielle-love, Xena thought with a smirk, kissing the top of the bard’s head gently, loving the tiny whimper that it caused. And very sneaky. Very sneaky indeed. I’ve underestimated you. Xena let her eyes close, feeling quite sleepy again, and let the calming noises of the forest lull her back to sleep, her last thoughts of how to repay her lover when she woke again. As the sun peaked over the tree tops, two shimmering lights hovered over the sleeping forms of the lovers, their echoing voices so hushed they were nearly inaudible. “Bitchin move, mom.” “Duh! Did you expect anything else, Cupid?” “Well.... you *have* been kinda off lately.” “As if! Not my fault that whole Hercules Iolaus thing got whammied by Daddy.” “Never mess with Zeus’ golden boy, mom.” “Don’t be such a downer, Cupid. I’m not giving up on them yet.” “Cool. Time to book. I got places to see, people to do.” “Ditto.” The shimmering lights disappeared and the two sleeping lovers were alone once again, shifting closer in the warm sunlight, each dreaming of the possibilities of the days to come. Fin. okay grrls!! Let me know how this latest forray into my filthy mind has left you! katelin_b@hotmail.com