Long Play Albums

All listings represent United States releases, and serial numbers prior to 1964 represent mono albums. The serial numbers of Capitol albums in stereo were prefixed with “ST,” while RCA Living Stereo albums were prefixed with “LSP.” With few exceptions, all the albums listed below are made up of original material, and not compilations and reissues of singles or older material.

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Year Title Format Label & Serial #
1950 Songs By Kay Starr 10” 33LP Capitol H-211
1953 The Kay Starr Style 10" 33LP Capitol H-363
1954 The Hits Of Kay Starr 10” 33LP Capitol H-415
1955 In A Blue Mood 10” 33LP Capitol H-580
1955 The Kay Starr Style 12” 33LP Capitol T-363
1955 The One - The Only 12” 33LP RCA/Victor LPM-1149
1956 Songs By Kay Starr 12” 33LP Capitol T-211
1956 The Hits Of Kay Starr 12” 33LP Capitol T-415
1956 In A Blue Mood 12” 33LP Capitol T-580
1957 Blue Starr 12” 33LP RCA/Victor LPM-1549
1958 Rockin’ With Kay 12” 33LP RCA/Victor LPM-1720
1959 I Hear The Word 12” 33LP RCA/Victor LPM-2055
1959 Movin’ 12” 33LP Capitol T-1254
1960 “losers, weepers…” 12” 33LP Capitol T-1303
1960 Movin’ On Broadway 12” 33LP Capitol T-1374
1960 One More Time 12” 33LP Captiol T-1358
1960 Kay Starr: Jazz Singer 12” 33LP Capitol T-1438
1962 I Cry By Night 12” 33LP Capitol T-1681
1961 All-Starr Hits 12” 33LP Capitol T-1468
1962 Just Plain Country 12” 33LP Capitol T-1795
1964 The Fabulous Favorites 12” 33LP Capitol ST-2106
1966 Tears And Heartaches/Old Records 12” 33LP Capitol ST-2550
1968 When The Lights Go On Again 12” 33LP ABC S-631
1969 How About This 12” 33LP Paramount PAS-5001
1974 Country 12" 33LP GNP Crescendo GNPS-2083
1975 Back To The Roots 12” 33LP GNP Crescendo GNPS-2090
1981 Kay Starr 12” 33LP GP GPKS 5020
1997 Live At Freddy’s CD Baldwin Street BJC-202

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