The Collie Gallery

Our R. Collie with some of her puppies.

Billabäcks Saidi

Same puppies 2 month old.

Same puppies 4 month old.

One puppy 5 month old.

One puppy 7 month old.

Dagsljus Adorable Amy & Dagsljus Born to be a Star

Dagsljus Born to be a Star - 9 month old

Our new hope: Zigline's Black Cherry 10 weeks

Zigline's Black Cherry (Jackie)
with one of her friends
Dagsljus East of Eden (Py)

Zigline's Black Cherry (Jackie) 14 weeks

Two pics with Jackie and her friend Py again.
Jackie is here 5 month.

Our new member in the family.
Zigline's Love In Blue (Iziz).