The Phalene Gallery

Our oldest Phalene-girl Nattljus Prusiluskan 7 years old
and a mother of 17 puppies in only three litters.

Prusiluskan's first son Tom Tom born in 1995.

Prusiluskan's latest son Dagsljus Embrace Me Eliott four month.

Two of Prusiluskan's girls living with us:
Dagsljus Emperess Edwina (Tjorven) 9 month

Dagsljus East of Eden (Py) 9 month

SUCH Suzzan's Finezze (Nessie) 5 years old
and a mother of 9 puppies in two litters.

One of Nessie's son's Dagsljus Falconetti living in USA.

One of Nessie's daughters Dagsljus Fatima living in USA.

Another of Nessie's daughters Dagsljus Felicia
and she is 8 month and living with us.

The sister of Prusiluskan SUCH Nattljus Pebbles.
(The clown in the house.)

SUCH Sontinis Turmalin.