• Real Name is *Ri Houjun
  • Family and birthdate is unknown (suspected to be 24)
  • Likes fishing
  • A wandering monk
  • Loves to end all sentences with "no da"
  • Lost his left eye in a battle with a former friend when he was 18. He saw him kissing his fiancee. He wears a mask to conceal the scar and refuses to let the scar heal.

    Guess What? We now know Chichiri's family name and his fiancee's name!
    First his fiancee's name. It is Kouran
    Second, his family name is Ri. So his real name is Ri Houjun (surname first)(kawaii no da!).
    I would like to give credit to Kai Ling for providing this new snip of information to me and a few other people. She translated it from a Chichiri novel called Shouryuu Den. I give you mad props, girl!

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