Fushigi Yuugi is a romantic, comical fantasy anime which takes place in the most unususal place one can imagine (and I don't mean Ancient China!).

Yui Hongo and Miaka (Miyaka) Yuuki are two girls in middle school who, one day, stumble onto the book The Four Gods of the Earth and Sky in the National Library. Once into the book, a bright red light blinds them and before they know it, they have been transported to a strange place. Little do they know is that the strange place is Ancient China, the setting in the book! They are first approached by a group of ruffians. But is soon saved by a handsome man with the character "ogre" (pronounced "oni") on his forehead. He asks for payment, but neither of the girls have money. And even if they did, it wouldn't be the appropiate payment. He then walks away in disgust. All of a sudden, Yui disappears from Miaka's side. She was transported back to modern day Japan and left Miaka all alone to explore this world.

and there the story begins...