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Hi everyone I'm Kim (well you probably know that from my title). I hope you like my page. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but be patient and PLEASEEEE sign my groovy guestbook. So, far I'm the only one! Awww!, that cute little doggie down there looks just like mine! Well have fun and enjoy this site; and if you don't, well you will so I don't have to worry about this. Right?!? I'll put on some cool links for you guys to visit. :)

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What's up to all of my online buds: Anna, Erin, Stef, Mike, Jen, Skippy, Nick, Christine, Danielle, Justin, Nikki, Mike , Kim, Jenna, Jess, Hannah, Naresh, Chris, BJ, and Jen D.

My Tyson Beckford links...Whatta stud!

Tyson Beckford
Wow, there's like 50 pics here, check 'em out.
Tyson By Popular Demand
And we wonder why he's the highest paid male model??
About Tyson
Learn all the hype on this hottie here.
More Pictures
What can I say? Just look ;)
Tyson Beckford Pictures!
Tyson..En Espanol
Well, the sites in Spanish, but the pictures are just as good. Muy Guapo!
Tyson B. & Tupac
A Page Of Pics On Both Guys
Tyson Links
Here's a pic plus links to more Tyson

Wow! totally happening people have visited my site (now if only you'd sign the guestbook!)

Some Fun Links To Visit

Wu-Tang Lynxs
Wu-Tang is DA BOMB
Tupac's Memorial Site
Tupac is gone, but not forgotten in this site.
Erin's Webpage!
Erin's one of my bestest buds---so read her page, it's cool
Vegetarian Resource Group
This is an awesome veggie site, you should ALL check it out!
GinGirl's Polish Page
This Girl has a cool obsession like me
Aussie and Hairette E-Cards
An awesome place to visit for FREE and fun e-mail greetings
Vegetarian MYTHconceptions
Another great vegetarian site, go there with an open mind
MTV Online
This is a groovy site for anyone who likes music (Who doesn't??)
Love Connection
This is an awesome site to astrologically rate your romance
Justin's Page Of Fun
Here's my friend Justin's page, it's pretty cool
Mike's Page
I promised my little brother I'd put his page here, so here it is ( I don't recommend visiting it, but what the heck)
Track and Field
Yay! this is a fun site if you're into track
Really Funny Stuff
Yea, I stole this site from Erin, so shh! But it's funny, it's worth it
Erin's Awesome Music Page
This site is better than her last!! :) Ha Ha