Korn formed in 1993 at Huntington Beach, California. Jon Davis left his old band, Sex Art, to join Korn. The other members of the band were in a previous band called LAPD. Jon brought his gut ripping lyrics with him and the music grew darker. They just went with it and started creating Korn songs. In a year and a half Korn had their incredible self-titled debut album out. Since then Korn has been doing nothing but touring. At a concert in San Diego, Fieldy announced that Korn would have a new album out by September (that's right, this month)! Korn is featured on the Crow 2 soundtrack along with Deftones. Jon and Marilyn Manson have talked about doing a side project together. Brian and Munkey went to the same school where Brian showed Munkey how to play a few songs. They were friends up through high school, and had a friendly sort of competition with each other. Brian would go to Munkey's house and jam. If Munkey would learn some new shit, Brian would be like, "Damn I got to practice!" - that sort of thing. Later Munkey joined LAPD. Brian just sat around drinking their beer and stuff. LAPD decided that they needed a second guitar for when they toured, so Brian went on tour with them. Brian and Munkey have been playing together for more than 2/3 of their lives. Now they are back, phatter than ever making Korn songs Munkey grew up in Rosedale CA. He was always in trouble: catching fields on fire, tress passing, stealing his mom and dad's liquor, etc... Then one night he snuck out and cut the end of his left index finger off. He started playing guitar to help rehabilitate it. Then one day Brian came along and showed him how to play a few songs like "Rock you like a Hurricane". They were friends through high school. Munkey later joined LAPD and moved to Huntington Beach, California. One night Brian and Munkey went into a bar where Jon was playing, they asked him to tryout. He did and thats how Korn got started.

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