Incentive Programs can help you make a little extra spending money while you surf the net. The premise is simple: You upload their ad bar, which sits on your browser window. You then look at ads (or ignore them, it's up to you)and the ad bar times how long you are watching. You can make some cash this way. You may also recruit friends to join these incentive programs, too. You get a share of the money they make. For example, with All Advantage, which is the main one I use: You make $25 for your browsing, and your friend also makes $25. You get half of what your friend earns, so you get an additional $12.50. And so on and so forth. Each one of these programs have diffrent payschedules, so it pays to belong to more than one. I belong to four, and highly encourage anyone to join up with one or two. I alternate them, so I am consistantly getting checks each month.


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