Gator fills out forms and remembers passwords!

If this is your first time visiting my website, you may be thinking, "Who is this Kristal Rose, and why did she make this site?" Well, allow me to explain:

I am a mother of two children who recently decided to stay at home with my new baby. I am used to working a full time job, and became bored. So, I casually started a new hobby. While searching for new gifs for my other site, I stumbled onto a Freebee Site that asked for my e-mail address to send me a newsletter. I signed up and started recieving daily e-mail with free things to get. I soon was recieving free samples and joining incentive programs left and right. Now, going to the mailbox has become fun. What will I get today? A gift certificate from My Points? Free makeup? A Sample of new cookies for my kids? A CHECK FOR SURFING THE WEB!!!!

Freebee Surfing has become an obsession. Once, I read articles on baby care and beauty, and happily mantained my other site. Now, I spend one-to-three hours every evening playing games, registering for free items, and checking my incetive programs to see how much I've earned this month.

This hobby has helped me beat the winter blahs and the baby blues all at once. My time on the computer is great "Mommy Time". My husband thinks it's great and supports me by taking care of the baby during those hours if she is not napping. Every mommy needs a break, and this is mine.

I will be updating this site contantly, so please join my mailing list and keep in touch with me. I am hoping that maybe this will become an online group of cost-saving parents, and someday I will implement a chat room and message board. Until then, if you know of any links that would be of intrest, please e-mail me. And, again, thank you so much for stopping to see me.


Now, Get Out There and Find Those Great Offers!