On March 10, 1997, the WB Network launched a wildly imaginative new show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The creator and executive producer of this series is Joss Whedon, who also created the 1992 movie of the same name on which this series was based. Both the movie and the series revolve around a certain special girl, called the Slayer, who was born with the strength and the skill to destroy vampires and all of the forces of darkness. She is aided by her Watcher, whose duty is to train and guide the Slayer towards her goals. However, according to the mythology, "For each generation, there is only one Slayer."
  That, however, is where the similarities between the movie and the TV series end. According to Whedon, the movie didn't match his original vision when he wrote the screenplay. Whedon created the series to bring his vision to life. The movie could best be described as a campy comedy with a few frights, while the series fits Whedon's preferred description of a horror show mixed with humor. How does this vision translate to television?
  Buffy the Vampire Slayer is simply the best show on television today. Well, in my opinion it is! It boasts witty writing, outstanding performances, and an overwhelming sense of originality that is lacking in many other TV shows. The show gains more and more fans every day, with new fan clubs and web sites popping up everywhere on the net. The WB Network has a winner on its hands, and the fans have a great new show to watch every week. Buffy has staked out her territory, and she doesn't plan on leaving any time soon.

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