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Reverance to Dragonkind

DragonKind. Welcome. The Temple is a place to remeber and Honor those of DragonKind. DragonKind has a history that is long and Distinguished. Before the middle ages when most dragons got a bad rap and were hunted. Dragons were a part of the Celtic culter. Before The term Dragonrider brought images of Planet Pern and Dragons flying to Protect Man. The Dragonriders protected Ierland and Scotland. The Dragon a crature of magisty and power in Asia. to the Druids a creatuer of Wisdom and healing. and in Legends a creatur of Magick.

DragonKind is still alive and well today, alive in the hearts and mindsof those that still belive in them. Not as creatures of evil, But Graceful creatuers of Honor, Chivalry, Valor, and Integrety. Defending the weeker. A theory I am apt to belive is that Dragonkind exists among us non-caporaly. Because of how they have been trated by human kind. When the time is right they make themslves be known to us. and one day will return.

The temple is set, in the hopes and belife that the legends are true, that dragons still walk with mankind. That they live in our hearts and help were they can. Who Make themselves seen by those who belive and love them. Teaching Lost lore to those who are willing to remeber and learn.

So, Welcome all ye of DragonKind and DragonHeart. Remeber to thank your Dragon today for he or she is near by even if not seen.

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