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Hi there....

Welcome to my place!

Some of you may remember me as Jude - infamously from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Fanfic author.... Skinner fan.... Library tech...

Well, things have changed a bit! Oh, to be sure I'm still a Skinner fan - and you'll find my fanfic in the links at the left. But I've also discovered ER - and Luka! Drop me a note if you're interested in my Luka fic.

I've also had a serious change of venue. No longer a denizen of Wisconsin - although it'll always be my home, I now live in upstate New York - and I love it here!!!

Princess, my precious poodle has left my life, but big kitty Klingon is now my constant companion. He's a good kitty, big and mushy and a sweet companion.

So, welcome to my web-home! Browse about, give me suggestions... and enjoy!

Lady Wolf

Now in pretty Ballston Spa, NY!

I took the What Mythological Creature Are you? test by peacefulchaos !